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MAC monitor on a PC?

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  • MAC monitor on a PC?

    is it possible to use a MAC monitor on a PC?

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      All you need is an adapter.


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        that's what i thought...

        i went to best buys and good guys and the tech guys told me it was impossible...

        what kind of adapter do i need anyways?

        thank you...


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          I dono if you want male to female or what, but this is the cable, just call these guys, and tell them what your trying to do, they can get you the part number.

          I think you want female mac to male VGA

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            Well, just goes to show you should never ask anyone who works at Best Buy for advice on anything technical.


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              I forgot to mention--there's a guy on eBay always selling VGA-Mac adaptors. Might be what you're looking for. Anyway, they're like $8 a pop or something, so it's pretty cheap.


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                thanx for all the help.

                i tried the tech help at CTG and they told me it was impossible.

                is anyone out there using a mac monitor on their PC?


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                  I'm not using mac monitor
                  but i went to computer show last week and i saw the adapter for that
                  it says

                  MAC to PC

                  and was 8 dollars.

                  there IS a adapter for that,
                  so, use it and, it should work fine!
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                    I think it is the other way around? You can use a PC monitor on a MAC. I'm not sure if you could use a MAC monitor on a PC. Depends on the video card I think. MAC monitors use a different freq. I believe it is fixed, unlike a PC monitor. Depends on the MAC monitor. I have a 21" HP Fixed Freq w/ a Sony Tritron Tube that I can't use be it requires a special video card for PCs, but works fine with a MAC. I believe it is the same deal.


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                      No, you can use Mac monitors on PCs. The problem is, you have to be in Windows to get the right video mode for the monitors. I think most Unix clones will let you switch the console video mode, but I don't think you can do it under DOS. Fixed frequency video cards that actually will display all your boot up info and work under DOS aren't that hard to come by--just pretty expensive. I've seen them go for $50 on eBay, though, and I just grabbed one from another source for $40.