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  • Cheap & good?

    Is their any psu i can use in my car, to power a 2ghz computer thats cheaper then the $200 opus psu and wont introduce noise in my system? Ive ordered one of the opus 150w psu from, but im thinking about taking it back, because after i thought about it- $200 for a psu is just rediculous, and i cant justify spending that much money on a power supply. So if anyone can help me out, please post.

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    No, there is no real alternative that is as good as the Opus, which is why it is recommended so much.

    DC-DC is the only way to go, and the Opus does this well, and it also has a start-up and shutdown controller.

    Power and screen are, in my opinion, the two most important and also the most overlooked aspects of a good carputer system. If your power supply is rubbish, then it won't run properly. If you screen is rubbish, then you won't see anything.

    That is why I have an Opus and a Xenarc display.

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      Im using Opus for over a year, got it for 190 shipped ;o
      Never had any problems with it,
      its really worth buying it just for a fact that you dont need to toggle any switches everytime you turn carputer On/Off...

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        Yeah, its just....200 dollahs! I just wish their was a cheaper (i mean, cmon, you know it cost like 50bux to make one of these things) solution i could get. Arent there other DC-DC powersupplies that are like...half the price?


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          would you rather buy a crappy made in china PSU that is seriously overrated and dies within months of usage for a much cheaper price of 1/4 or 1/8?

          With the warranty and quality of this thing. I know it's well invested.


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              We all know that it doesnt cust $200... But everybody has to make a living of something right? And due to the fact that opus supplies are very good, and there are no real alternatives either.. they can set the price to be higher than your '$50'.

              If you want quality and less headaches down the road, stick with opus, otherwise there are other alternatives for cheaper.
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                There are alternatives, Keypower, Orbit micro and Sproggy, but I'm not sure about their prices. If you wait a little while Mastero is coming out with the MK-4.5 which will be 250w.
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                  My vote goes for the Opus too - nothing like getting into the car, starting it and your music starts playing again!
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