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Turn on hiss/not thump. Weird. Dont flame me, read.

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  • Turn on hiss/not thump. Weird. Dont flame me, read.

    OK this is odd, its not turn on thump, i know what that is but thats an easy to fix seperate issue, and its not hiss/hum, i muted line in and cd audio and all is good. THIS is diffrent and weird. My rocky 4 channel and is getting a front and rear inputs from my audigy 2 zs pci and my seperate rocky amp for sub, all sounds great, REAL great, but for some reason here is my problem. Both AMPs and PC are grounded to same spot

    PC on booted up inwindows, no music playing (all sound muted). Turn on amps (remote lead) and i get a bried 'hiss' out of the FRONT tweeters. (All RCAs connected

    I dissconnect rear RCAs from amp and try the same thing. NO brief hiss.

    Ive tried all diffrent combos and plugin in and it seems that when any set of rca outputs are plugged onto the REAR rcas of the amp, it gets this brief hiss. The 'hiss' is simulateous to when music would start playing, eg, if i had a song playing rather than it being muted, i wouldnt notice it.

    Sounds like a frikken ground loop but its weird why its only when the rear RCAs are connected. Surely internally the RCA connections should go through the same set of circuits etc etc.

    Also, if i put a LPF on to filter out treble, it filters out the hiss proving its defo coming down the RCA INPUT which again makes we thing ground loop.

    Ive tried grounding soundcard to diffrent spot, ive tried ground whole PC PSU ground to diffrent spot. ALso no noise is coming through remote amp on, ive tried that connect straight to 12vdc (as at present its getting 12v on from psu molex)

    any ideas guys, im abit stumped. any NO GROUND LOOP ISOLATORS ON THE RCAS.



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    OK its not so weird

    OK after some more testing i lied, it just comes out of whatever RCAs are connected,so both front AND rear so sounds like a typical ground loop.

    BUT after saying that what else could i try to eliminate it?




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      so no one knows this ...... surely i musta missed summink


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        Is it just a momentary hiss?
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          yeah, not a hiss constant, ive sorted that by muting stuff

          its deffo ground related or seems to be