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help with the EPIA M10000 board

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  • help with the EPIA M10000 board

    im not sure if this is the right place to ask, but i havent found any help on the viarena-forums, so ill try here.

    i recieved my VIA EPIA M10000 today and put it into my case (morex cubid 3688 )
    now as soon as i connect the power, both fans (CPU and case) start working. but i havent booted the PC yet. and they only stop i disconnect the power physically (ie pull out the powercord)

    is that normal or do i have a broken mainboard?

    thanks for any help!

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    Try booting it.. There's is an option in the bios that will turn it on when power is applied.. Not sure where it's located though...


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      thanks for the hint.
      i cant boot it yet because my RAM hasnt arrived yet
      i think what your talking about is the power settings after powerfailure (power on, power off, last state). but does that effect the fans in the "off-state"??


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        Yes, that's the one.. Does the mb beep when it's turned the fans start?


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          i found some RAM
          i can enter the BIOS now, i also found the power-setting that you mean, but i cant find any option for the fans...


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            What's the power setting set to? Last state or On? Does the mb boot when power is applied, or is it just the fans spinning up?


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              thats the problem: when i supply power, the fans start spinning. the i can start the pc with the power button and everything works fine. if i switch the pc off with the powerbutton, the pc is off, but the fans keep spinning.
              powersetting is "off"


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                ok, i think i found the problem: looks like the powersupply in the case has gone bad. i tried another powersupply an it works as expected.
                ill have to wait for the OPUS PSU to arrive and see if that solves the problem....