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10 " lap top display as monitor for car mp3

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  • 10 " lap top display as monitor for car mp3

    I have a thinkpad 755cd laptop that has become un usable . the lcd screen still works( swapped it with another working 755cd to test) My question is,is there a way I can use the lcd with my mp3 car system i am building.... celeron 466 - running win98se w/128 mg ram...... maybe a contoller car or something?

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    Im thinking seriously in that idea , yes you can , my way its to connect an external card tv ntsc or rca input card into the laptop and buy a pci card with ntsc output or rca , so you use only the laptop screen so maybe you can rebulid the laptop to fit it into your dash or somenthing


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      The way you are describing would require the laptop to work, so that you could run a program that would allow you to plug in a video source.. such as ones that are in TV Cards..

      The only way to get the LCD to work is to purchase a controller card for that specific LCD.. you'll first have to find the type of panel the laptop is using.. then find a company that produces such boards.. it will end up costing between $200 and $300 for the card..


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        Inmytree is right,

        I have been in the same situation, other machine though, and thanks to the activity in the "Cheap color screens" topic, i was able to find a controller that works with my screen. However the price was 195$ + shipping, and i dont have that money at the moment so im on hold.

        One thing you have to find out is EXACTLY what manufacturer, model nr. etc this screen is.

        i have an old Sharp LQ9D011, for which i can use view-tek 's 70xsomething for my screen.

        If You read the "Cheap color screen topic, you will however understand that this may not be the easiest of tasks


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          i have a lap top monitor ,,Hyundai,, and i want to use like screen in my car
          well can anybody tell me how to make that


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            whoa! 6 years later....


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              This is the second thread that's four years old or older that he's resurrected.

              While ghe's certainly searching for relevant posts, he's not finding the FAQ Emporium, where there's a nifty writeup on this very topic....
              Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
              How about the Wiki?

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