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Choosing the right computer.

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  • Choosing the right computer.

    Hey all, i been doing a lot of reading on here, but i do not understand of the terms used such as "M1000" and so on.

    I was wondering if someone could list the best motherboard, case and powersupply for me. I plan on using this computer for my car and will connect it to a touchscreen. It was be mostly used for mp3's, dvd's and maybe navi. I was thinking around the 1ghz area...


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    M1000 = Via Epia M1000 motherboard and processor.

    Basically there are two ways to go: for small size, heat, and speed go with an Epia system, for high speed, go with a desktop ATX system and a P4 or such...but in that case you'll need a more pricey power supply (An inverter or an Opus 150 or similar) and possibly some sort of heat dissapation system.

    A lot of what is the best choice depends on whether you have ample trunk space for the PC or if you're going to put it under a seat or someplace with limited room.


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      It will be going in my trunk, I have a rsx.
      Where can i find more detail on this Epia system. such as prices, case to use and so on.

      Would I be able to use a older IBM computer that i can get from university??? such as a 1.2ghz or is that not a good idea


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        A lot of people use computer parts they have lying around, it's perfectly fine...but you'll have to deal with heat and power. At 1.2ghz heat probably won't be too big an issue (unless you live in Arizona or something) but power is something you need to make a decision on.

        An inverter and the PC's normal power supply is the cheapest route, but a lot of times there will be annoying sounds from the onboard sound. External sound cards can help. If you want your PC to turn on automatically with the car and you have an inverter, you'll need to design one of the relay circuits posted on these boards.

        An Opus is a DC-DC power supply that is much more efficient than an inverter and has a built in shutdown controller. Opus power is cleaner than inverter/desktop supply power, so you'll have fewer issues with sound quality. The downside is that the Opus 150w is $200.