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sound system wiring advice and componant choices for a newbie

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  • sound system wiring advice and componant choices for a newbie

    I am installing a computer in my car and felt I would need to upgrade my sound as well. I have a 2001 Protege LX 2.0. I would like a bass you can feel for songs such as trance, heavy metal, and other bassy genres. I have been reading this site and searching for data and it was so good I had to join.

    The main goal was to not do any major fabrication work or permenant work on the car itself. Current useability had to be maintained, such as large trunk space and full range of interior space and function. I think my ideas should work as well as can be expected.

    The system will also have to last through wide ranges of temperature extremes (110F to -40F) as well as bumpy rides. I plan on upgrading the suspension and such later.

    This is the set of equipment i have speced out so far:

    1-SET INFINITY KAPPA 692.5i (6x9 for back)
    1-SET INFINITY KAPPA 572.5CF (6x8 for front)
    Infinity KAPPA PERFECT 10.1 (sub)
    Raptor RAP101 enclosure
    Pyle PLA4170 (amp for speakers)
    Pyle PLA2270 (amp for sub)

    What do you think? I think this will give a nice clean boom. I think that even though Pyle underrates a little bit, the amps should power the rest nicely. Now here is the real problem. What wires do i need for this? I plan on redoing the speaker wires in the car as well, thanks to great how-tos on this site.

    I think I would need a 4ga wire from the positive on the battery less than 18" to a fuse holder, with at least a 50 amp fuse in it. This fuse holder should not be attached to any metal part like the firewall but instead be mounted somewhere else. Anyone have a suggestion?

    So then I run the wire through the firewall; I am thinking where the clutch pedal is supposed to go (yes it is an auto, that will be fixed in my next car). There should be a grommet by there I can use.

    The power wire then needs to be split at this point. A power line (like 12ga) needs to be run to the computer and the 4ga wire needs to continue to the back. I am thinking a distribution block would suffice, but I don't know where I can find a block that will split like that. The rest of the power needs of the computer I hope I can take care of.

    The 4ga power wire will then get run under the carpeting near the door sill of the driver's door but I am worried I don't have enough room for such a large wire.

    The power wire will then be split when it gets to the back. I think splitting to 2 - 8ga wires would work in powering these amps. A conventional distribution block should work.

    The ground I will run no more than 3 feet each of 8ga for each amp to a piece of metal in the trunk, sanded down of course. Any recommended spots? Can I connect both ground to the same place?

    The amps will have to have a sound source and remote source to turn on.

    The sound will come from an external sound card in which a USB cable run from the front to the trunk under the passanger's door sill. The USB connection will plug into the external card mounted in the trunk and converted into an RCA signal (much like an LOC, sort of). How should I split this RCA source for the 2 amps? A conventional RCA Y cable?

    How should I run the remote source? Where will it come from? Should I run an ignition switch line to the back? Should I try a relay setup? How should I wire that?

    Where and how should i mount the amps? I am thinking on the seat backs with rubber mounts (washers) in between the seats and amps and using relatively short screws straight into the metal.

    How and where should I mount the sub enclosure? Screw into the particle board? Into the metal base of the trunk? I would use I think 12ga wire from the RCA out of one side of the Pyle PLA2270 to the connector on the enclosure of the sub.

    Now to drive the speakers. 12ga speaker wire out of the Pyle PLA4170, one channel each for each rear speaker. For the front, run 2 sets of 12ga wire on the passanger side door sill (one channel for each speaker) to the front and use the how-to to install it. I think I have a lot of routing to get to the driver-side speaker, though.

    So I think that is it. That is my plan. Forgive any typos, I am typing onehanded (broken right hand). Any recommendations for wire kits and other misc. wires i will need and links would be very helpful. Thanks for all of your help and a great site.