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2x16 Lcd Shorting Out?

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  • 2x16 Lcd Shorting Out?

    After getting 4 Seiko 2x16 LCD's from EIO (figured I'd blow at least 2 =) I wired it up according to a schematic;

    However I cheated and replaced the 100 ohm pot, with 4 22ohm resisters wired in series so i can remove resisters and add them to control contrast? Anyways, After I hooked it up to the power supply, the fan spins on the cpu and then stops (shorting). I've checked my connections a few times but can't figure out the problem, if anyone else has had this problem and had a quick fix let me know, or i'll just go on to trying again with my next lcd!
    Thanks, Cory

    (pictures are worth a thousand words)

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    It looks like you should practice your soldering first before attempting to wire up the LCD. Your solder joints look very dodgy in the photo.

    Using different colour wires to distinguish between the connections would be another good idea as it's very hard to make out if one black wire should be going to this black wire or the other 10 or so black wires :-P

    Start with the just the power wires to the lcd and test that and then add the contrast and backlight wires and test them. Finally add the data and control wires and test them so if you have a problem you will know exactly what stage the problem occurred.


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      Very Good Idea! I'll start with doing them in stages. And yes my sodering skills are a little bit better then the picture revealed!
      Will the LCD blink, flash (or give any indication that its hooked up properly) upon getting juice from power supply?

      Thanks Again, Cory


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        The LCD will not display anything unless the correct commands are sent to it.

        But if you turn the contrast control far enough you should see the lcd black out.