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  • PXGM24 & PXGM12

    O.K. - I have googled, searched, googled and I am officially admitted myself to the insane asylum. I am trying to get the audio of my carputer to my HU. I have found 2 products - the PXGM12 and PXGM24 - "supposedly" the PXGM24 should work - but I have a 2003 Tahoe with Bose system - with the in-dash 6 disc changer and in-dash XM satellite. I have heard/seen mixed reports on whether this will work. Does anyone have the same car and found a solution that works? Check out the specs. Even their tech support says it "should" work. What is up with non-commital lines like that... LOL Thanks Everyone!
    2003 Chevy Tahoe Z71
    STOLEN - M10000, 512MB, 60GB 2.5" HDD, 7" Custom mounted Lilliput, Morex 3688 Case, 90W PSU w/ ITPS, GPS & CD-RW/DVD. New parts ordered for the next generation!

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    I was told.. the pxgm24 will work if you take the volume and rapidly go up and down on it and the volume is perfectly in sync with your turning. I can't really say why, something about the data bus? dont recall.. either way I think you probablly dont have the Y91 or Y92 or LUX package, so you can probablly use a pxgm24. the pxgm12 really deals with non-bose equipt rides.

    I use a pxgm24 in my 2003 silverado LT with the bose system, its non lux and does not have y91 or y92 (these have something to do with that 05 nav. hu thats so popular.. JEEZ $2100 for a retrofit! no thank you!) I love mine. For the past... well since I got the truck in 03.. I have been using the pxgm24 and a RCA to headphone jack, drilled a small hole in the bottom pocket of the front of the console and ran it into my ipod in a belkin cupholder... works wonderfully.. but I'm on my 2nd ipod to die in 2 years.. so I wanna carputer or something to try and... FISSIT..

    if you dont mind me asking, what are your carputer plans? I was looking at relocating the stock bose deck somewhere.. and putting a screen in the dash.... so far.. lots of planning before spending a cent.
    2005 Subaru Legacy GT, carputer in progress
    Current status: Phase 1 Complete: working in car with no bugs, Phase II started, screen out of dash, making working mockup for beta testing


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      Hi all, my first post, long time reader, great forum btw.
      I also have the same system in my 03(Bose 6 disk), and i have the specs for the pinouts for the HU, which has a dvd input. My guess is that your xm already is using these inputs in the back of the HU. I haven't had a chance to plug wires into mine to try it yet, mostly because a don't have a source unit handy for signal, my carpc is still in the design stage. The bose deck is supposed to detect a dvd signal or standard stereo signal and give you that option off of the aux button. I can grab the diagrams from work and give you the pin locations so that this can be tried. You could use pins from a radio out harness(metra pn#71-2003) and they will pop right in the factory connector. I did this with my cellphone kit, and it works perfect(the onstar inputs also doubles as a phone input). If your xm is using these already, then i would suggest relaying the inputs to change the signal.
      BTW. I'm an stereo installer so if i can help in any way, let me know.


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        if you wanna add factory XM or navigation and the like (not to advertseit for otehr websites but these guys seem really friendly and knowledgable, I was gonna buy the nav unit from em.. but... naaaa... carputers more fun ) they specialize in chevy full size trucks suvs and hummers and the like. lotsa good stuff there.

        the pxgm24 I got from a local store, any AAMP or perihperals retailer semms em. The pinouts is good data to have but IMO, the pxgm24 is only $100, installs in 30 minutes (tight dash.. maybe less for you lol, it took me that long) and works like a charm, 2 aux inputs, perfect for your carputer and.. well.. whatever else you may have, xbox ps2.. etc.
        2005 Subaru Legacy GT, carputer in progress
        Current status: Phase 1 Complete: working in car with no bugs, Phase II started, screen out of dash, making working mockup for beta testing


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          Dump the factory crap

          Easiest thing to do. This will significantly improve sound quality as well:

          1: Buy an aftermarket head unit with 5 volt (or higher) RCA pre-outs and RCA input capability. All Pioneer head units nowadays will work with RCA inputs without using a noisy fm modulator or a transmitter, which will reduce sound quality by a great deal (modulators have a much lower S/N ratio and cause a big loss in sound quality - that's why "factory style" XM and Sirius satelite boxes sound the same as FM - they transmit over FM vs. a aftermarket box hooked up to an aftermarket head unit). You will also have more options for sound control as well and can add a REAL subwoofer (not the 6" paper cone stuff that factory systems use) for much better sound quality.

          I am greatly opposed to anything "No Highs, No Lows - It must be BOSE" produces. Just about any aftermarket head unit will be significantly better that trying to come up with some expensive propriatary RCA input adapter. If you can afford it, buy a PIoneer/Alpine etc deck, the proper harness/dash kit and the factory intergration adapter.

          Now if you have a DELCO/BOSE setup with an aftermarket head unit, you will need a "premium sound system" adapter to be able to interface with the totally propriatary 0.5 ohm speakers that BOSE uses. That's right BOSE speakers are NOT 4 OHM industry standard. They are also made of flimsy paper with foam surrounds.

          I used to own a BOSE home lifestyle sound system. Those little cubes they sell with those grosely overpriced systems have a rating of 400Hz to 16000 Hz. And the "subwoofer" is no subwoofer at all (it's a 6" midbass in a transmission line setup) - it only goes down to 60 hz, not 20 hz like a real 12" or ever most 10"s. The thing was $2K when I bought it and it was junk. My $700 Infinity setup (seperates - never buy that HTIB stuff) with a $150 Pionner 5.1 receiver sounds way better. A REAL surround sound system has midbass/midrange drivers and DOME or horn tweeters - not that cheap cone stuff that BOSE uses.



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            agreed, aftermarket is by far the best desicion.. however, if you have bose most likleyt you have steering wheel controls, onstar, maybe factory XM etc. These, at least to my knolwedge either canont be transfered to an aftermarket deck, or are expensive to modulate. Also I have heard sounds like the ignition and door chime, security system and in some lux series systems some engine management is integrated into the stereo system.

            personally.. WTF IS THAT ANYWAY? lol why this crap is integrated.. I dont know, I also can't figure out why.. if they insist on being their way or listen to the wind, they could at least do aux inputs and RCA outputs.

            also, despite the bose reputation, this is one of the best stock stereos I have ever heard. I was gung-ho on getting a truck w/o the bose so I could rip it out and transfer my last trucks system over when I got this, but when I heard this bose it sounded so good I decided to keep it and not fool with it.

            (and I know what you're thinking.. "he had a crappy system before then" well I dont think so.. audiomobile subs, eclipse deck, autotek amps, the subs hit upwards of 140 w/o any tuning or a sweep for SPL metering)
            2005 Subaru Legacy GT, carputer in progress
            Current status: Phase 1 Complete: working in car with no bugs, Phase II started, screen out of dash, making working mockup for beta testing


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              As a profesional installer, I agree as well, aftermarket is better. But when you look at replacing the HU, as with alot of newer cars, it is just becoming to troublesome. I can buy parts at cost and I do the labor myself, but for the '03-up chevy/bose you need a wiring adapter(os2-bose2), a sterring wheel interface (swi-x), and a chime module(cm1). And thats just to run through the factory amp and speakers which isn't going to give much better if any sound better than stock. It's just not worth it. To do it right, You then have to install an amp, run all new wires, and replace all the speakers, and you are still looking to do something with the sub, which is probably install anouther amp and build a box which is more that likely a fiberglass one under the seat. It's a big step to go from a o.k. sounding stock sytem to a good one. A bose system with an amp off high-level running a 10" or 12" in a box under the seat sounds pretty good, filling in the low feq. that the system lacks(the stock woofer sucks). Before long replacing the HU in a car will be a thing of the past.
              But thats IMO


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                I Just got an 03 Denali with the bose, RSE, 6 disk and Had my installer try to add the AUX but it did not seem to work. It disabled the 6 disk and we could not get any sound out of my HTC Hero. Until I figure it out I will just run a cable from the AUX on the RSE to listem to my Hero.

                Any ideas?