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    Hi, this is probably a newbie question but that's what I am
    So, I decided to go with windows 95. And i want to use a remote controller to control the system. I found a site that explains how to do it for Linux, but can you guys tell me how to do it under windows? All i know is that I'll have to buy infrared sensor from radio Shack and wire it to my serial port, then it need some software I guess.
    Links will be appreciated!
    Thank you.

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    Actually most people use IRman from IRman allows you to use any universal remote control to control Windows. You might want to try to use the search function. M.A.V.I.C. System
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      Also, there's the Packard Bell Fast Media remote. They are available pretty cheaply, and have good third party software support. Again, a search should turn up all the info...
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        I have a about 15 of these remotes (packard bell) that I will sell for 5 bucks each.. They're good quality, I use one in my car.. Email me, [email protected]