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load soft ware to usb hard disk then load to comp

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  • load soft ware to usb hard disk then load to comp

    does any one know if you can load say xp to a usb hard drive then load it to a computer i got the lap top from riddle14 and not the cd/dvd drive is not responsive im waiting on a few ebay auctions to end to get the rest of the items fixed on this (new screen and maby a new hard drive and dvd or cd) but i wanted to reformat this lappy and run xp on it if not then one of the 98se disk i have but like i said can i load it up to my external usb hard drive then load it to my laptop

    any help and instructions would be great



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    XP won't run if you install it on a HDD then put it in a completely new system. It's gives each component in the system a few points. It checks the total points at time of install to the total at time of boot. If it's off by more than 7 (I think) it won't boot. This lets you change some things, like a NIC, CPU, or RAM, but not a lot.

    Don't install anything on a USB drive. It'll default to USB 1.1 and take a VERY long time.

    Be patient.

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