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    I know most have moved on from lcds, but this is my first attempt at an mp3 system. I purchased the seiko lcd 2014 4x20 from eio & recieved it just fine. I have soldered it up and it appears to be wired correctly, but all I get is lines 1 & 3 are solid blocks. I can turn the pot & make that disappear, but I can't get an characters to come up. Any suggestions? Eios hyper email discussions group had some 2014 info the other day, but now it is all gone.

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    I think I have the same LCD as you... The problem must be that you are not wiring/using the second enable line. I think I have a PDF from seiko with all the specs for that LCD. Let me know if you can't find the seiko web site (just do a search for seiko lcd in altavista).


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      I did a search for it on their site, and they don't even list the 2014... 2034 is the only 4x20s that the list. if you can email the pdf to [email protected]



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        Sorry I misread, I have a seiko 4x40. But the model naming convention is the same. You won't find an exact model as yours, because its an old (very old I assume) model. I checked around in the net for my specific model and found in the old messages from eio the model equivalence to one in the new line.

        Send me a e-mail if you can't find the equivalent model to see if I can. Also the pdf i got is for the 4x40, I don't know if it is the same for yours but if you still want it let me know...


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          Did you already check this page?

          Also, which plug-ing/software are you using your LCD?

          in the FAQ section I found this:

          - Q: Ok so I got the L2014 and hooked it up like the "inmotion" schematic like Tom Brandt said in an earlier post. I'm using winamp and the Lorty plugin on a p133, but I can't get the lcd to work. I know it's wired right, since I've checked that about 100 times. When I turn on the lcd, I get 2 solid lines across rows 1 and 3, but that's it. Can anyone help me out and tell me what I'm doing wrong? Thanks.

          A: When you start the LCD plugin it initializes the LCD and the two lines on row 1 and 3 will go away. Then the LCD will start displaying the song name, time, equalizer, etc. I suggest finding the program lcdprint.exe on the net. I would send it to you, but its on my other pc. The program is a easy way to make sure that the LCD is working. It is a little dos program that displays a text file to any size LCD, and if your lcd is connected properly. Check your parallel port setting too. Make sure the port is set to 378, and that it is in ECP mode, and if it still doesn't work try EPP mode. Good Luck! Tom

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            Thanks. I have done the same thing it sounds like... I know it seems like I've checked the think a 100 times too.


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              Those two solid lines ore the test pattern. Just output some stuff to it (Through a plug-in) and it should work fine. I had that problem also, and then realized that it supposed to do that. Now, every time I turn it ont that test pattern comes up until the LCD is give stuff to output.