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10.4" LCD in Camaro?

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  • 10.4" LCD in Camaro?

    Just wondering if anyone has been here before.. I was going to be putting the 10.4" touch screen into my 88 Mustang Convertible and I had pretty much figured out how to mount the screen.. But last night I bought a 99 Camaro Z28 and I am not sure where to put the screen. Hoping there might be someone out there that has done this.


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    easiest way for you to do so without altering the dash is to create a full case for the LCD and use a pedestal mount. However, that does pose a security issue. But, you can't always win


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      There is a company

      that makes custom cell phone mounts for cars that bolt into existing bolts without need for any mods (like the radio bolts)
      I pop rivited a piece of metal to the mount to extend the lenghth, and pop rivited a port replicator to this piece of metal, and have a Toshiba Libretto attached to the port rep in the Perfect place on the dash without making any physical mods to my camaro.