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    I would like to get a carputer that will just play my mp3's through a Palm Handheld using PalmAmp. However, I only have a couple of things and I need to know what I am going to need to get this done relatively cheap.

    So far I've got:

    -150 watt Compaq power supply
    -1.53gig Western Digital Hard drive
    -Creative Sound Blaster Live Sound Card
    -64mb of 100mhz PC-100 ram
    -Palm IIIc and Palm m105 Handhelds
    -400 watt power inverter 800w surge
    -Pioneer DEH - 1600 Head unit
    -cd-rom drive and floppy drive.

    What I think I need:

    - a motherboard that runs pc-100
    - a processor.
    - Perhaps some more ram/faster ram.
    - A Larger Hard Drive preferrably a laptop drive with 5 to 10 gig.

    I would like suggestions on what I should/need to get. I'd like to have this as bare bones and cheap as I can as I am not employed now that school started.

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    Despite understanding financial needs, I believe you need to upgrade on some parts. You get what you pay for.

    You would need some type of IO thru a Display.

    Note, faster ram won't do you any good if you don't get a processor that utiliizes the extra speed. Also, it will probably be cheaper to built with current day parts if your buying everything new.

    Anyways, you will need a DC-DC power solution to replce the 150W PS or a Power Inverter in addition to your list. For proces/mothrboard, I would recommend you look into a Via ITX Sol'n. Highly practical for carpc usage.


    Car'Puter Project
    - Xenarc 700TSV
    - MSI RS482M-IL Mobo + AMD Turion MT-32 (25W)
    - 1x 256MB Corsair XMMS DDR400
    - M2-ATX
    - Belkin 802.11G W-Nic
    - Garmin 15H GPS
    - WinXP SP2 (NLited)


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      na, that will play mp3s.
      CarPC status: iPod, 3,456,217 songs so **** you


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        If you are playing your mp3s through your palm why do you need a computer?

        Or are you just using it for input?


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          just for input, the palm would control what mp3 would play off of the hard drive.