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US$105 DC-DC Power Supply Justifiable?

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  • US$105 DC-DC Power Supply Justifiable?

    Im in Taiwan and have searched for some DC-DC power supply manufacturers. One company here, Sunpower(, is manufacturing 12V ATX (AT also available)100W DC-DC power supply in PS/2 format. Is this a good price? Would this be enough to power a hard drive, DVD-ROM, socket 370 mainboard, G200 TV-out card and ethernet card? Need some input before i could decide.
    Also found a 5.7 inch TFT screen with RCA connector for around US$ 132 (retail)that runs on 12V. Need some advice. Sorry for the long post.

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    Well as I just said in another post, Dc-dc cannot power the whole Pc. and you areusing some pretty overkill stuff so I say you should get an inverter. It will pay off in the long run. and since you will be using tv out, you can unplug the system haul it out of your car and into a house with a TV and socket. It will be better. think about it
    Where did you find the monitor????

    P.s its not a long post


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      I believe the dc/dc power supplies from that company are drop-in replacements for standard pc power supplies. They should be fine if this is the fact!


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        Hey there

        Where did you find the 5.7 inch screen? Do you have a url for it??



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          Follow-up: The DC-DC power supply looks exactly like an ordinary PS/2 power supply. The PS is use for Industrial PCs.
          As for the TFT LCD, I don't know the manufacturer so I can't post the URL. Please note that the LCD cannot accept VGA connection, just RCA. A lot of retail stores sell it(in Taiwan), especially computer stores.

          thank you


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            Yep, that power supply should work perfectly. It is made for PC's and has the AT/ATX connectors and everything. It is a little pricey, but worth it if you don't feel like messing with a soldering iron.