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4x40 LCD Help Please!

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  • 4x40 LCD Help Please!

    ok, I am really getting tired of my car mp3 player. I have spend over $200 on it and the darn LCD doesn't work on my PC. I am running and AT mobo, with everything onboard, sound, video, LAN. It's a 166mmx, and 32 meg ram. I am using the Winamp plugin and win 98 SE. what happends is the display will show the word "play" as "ppplllaaayyy" I have it set on ECP and have tried every other option in the BIOS with no luck. The thing that puzzles me is when I attempted on another PC it did same thing, and on the third PC it worked perfect. Just don;t know what I'm doing wrong. I have even change the delay with no luck. PLEASE HELP

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    What lcd are you using, brand & controller type ( Based on your description I tink your using the HD44780) I.E. Parallel port.

    "I am using the Winamp plugin " is a poor decrption, I have 3 win amp plugins for LCD displays, and I know of at least a half dozen others.

    what are the specs of the system it worked on ?
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      Sounds like you have done a little bit of troubleshooting.

      It could be a bad connection.

      Try a program like LCDPrint...I don't have a link will allow you to just test the lcd by itself.

      On the computer that it operates correctly, jiggle the wires, and play with the settings to see if you can duplicate the problem.

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        i have an AT mobo with a 166 pentium also... it has a 40x4 lcd hooked to parallel port... i had the same problem as you (i think) all the output to the display would look like ppllllaaaayyyy or else it would be total garbage (regardless of the delay).... well the problem turned out to be that my parallel port was too slow.... i went on ebay and bought a $15 PCI parallel port card (2 MB transfer rate)... everything works PERFECTLY now