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Running External Hard drive

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  • Running External Hard drive

    i want to know if anyone is running external Hard drive in car? I want to get the external hard drive for my car,but the problem i have is i dont want to buy a inverter. is there anyway to by pass the Ac-dc adapter for the external case. or make or buy Dc-DC power supply here is what i am thinking of getting

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    all you have to do is find out what voltage the power supply to the hdd provides ... then provide it in some other way off of your pc's psu
    don't worry i know i usually don't make much sense


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      I run an external USB2 Maxtor 250Gb drive off my ITX box (with ITPS). This drive already has a 2.5mm 12V DC socket. I'm wiring mine up as in the following diagram. This solution means that the USB drive stays powered up until the ITPS drops the power to the motherboard. It also means that I can still feed 12V into the old power socket (providing the ITPS inputs are disconnected). Anyone see any problems with doing it this way?

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