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Couple of questions

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  • Couple of questions

    1. For some odd reason when I had the carputer mounted it only came on once in a while, it was not consistent at all. I'm running an ITPS.

    2. Also, my enclosure was not up to par AT ALL, due to the monitor that I'm running I have to use a video card with TV out (composite) or either get another mother board.

    Right now, I've spent enough money that this setup has to stay.

    any advice or comments?

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    whats the Wattage rating of your PSU and what components are you running on it? It sounds like you either have a bad connection with your battery and PSU, the ITPS isn't working, or you have over worked your PSU.

    [addition-->] After reading it again, it sounds to me that you have a bad connection with your computer either by PSU and battery or PSU and mobo. I would check those.
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