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PLEASE HELP...all you Shuttle FV-24 heads out there

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  • PLEASE HELP...all you Shuttle FV-24 heads out there

    This is for all you FV-24 guys out there

    I've searched the MP3Car forums high and low for a solution to this but have had no luck.

    My Shuttle FV-24 just came in last week. I set it up with a 900mhz Celeron, 128 pc133, 60gb maxtor hdd, cd-rom, floppy, all the things to get it up and running. I installed Windows 98 on it, and all of the drivers that came with the CD for the Mobo.

    For the life of me I can't get the damn audio to output. I've tried plugging in regular speakers, headphones, amplified speakers, into both jacks but no audio! The driver for the sound that's installed under the device manager is called:

    VIA AC'97 Audio Controller (WDM)

    It seems to be setup fine, but i'm still not getting any audio. I've set up tons of systems before from scratch and am not new to this. I've tried uninstalling the driver in safe-mode, and reinstalling it. Even tried uninstalling ALL the drivers and reinstalling them, but still no audio. I'm hoping someone out there has had this problem and can help me resolve it. Besides this little problem everything else is running fine... Also, the system will not accept any drivers for the Firewire ports except the ones on the Windows 98 cd. And those drivers cause conflicts in the device manager...I'm hoping that i just need to maybe get a copy of Win98se.

    Can someone who's had this problem, or knows what the heck is going on PLEASE help?!?!

    Thanks in advance!!

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    Teeheeehee, nevermind, fixed it...had to install drivers from website

    (note to self: do NOT stay up until 3am messing with hardware)

    HomePage and Mp3Car Setup


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      Originally posted by superaj:
      <STRONG>(note to self: do NOT stay up until 3am messing with hardware)</STRONG>
      yeah.... but whats the fun in that!!?

      Project - GAME OVER :(