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Windows 98 SE setup ERROR! HELP!

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  • Windows 98 SE setup ERROR! HELP!

    has anyone had the error message
    Setup could not create files on your startup drive and cannot set up Windows. If you have HPFS or Windows NT file system, you must create an MS-DOS boot partition. If you have LANtastic server or SuperStor compression, disable it before running Setup."
    I've done everything it says to on the microsoft webpage and i still get this error!

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    What did you have installed before?
    NT is sometimes hard to get rid of to install win98.
    Sounds to me like you need to fdisk your hard drive and start over. I also have a utility called gdisk (get it? fdisk - gdisk?)
    that is really good at cleaning a hard drive.

    Another idea is to go to the manufacturer's website of the Hard Drive and see if they have doctoring utilities to gut your HD and start over.

    Good Luck!
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      i just formated the hard drive and ran a thorough scandisk search and tried again and it still didn't work. this hard drive i'm using had windows 98 on it before but on another computer, i took it from that one and put it into my mp3 computer which i bought without a hard drive but i believe it had windows 95 installed on it. Could there be a problem with the bios possibly? i just dont know what to do now.


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        I remeber having problem like that while ago and i think what cousing it was the Auto detection of the HD. If you leave the HD to be Auto detected by the BIOS, some old HD will be set as NORMAL not LBA which Windows setup doesnt like. So make sure you autodetect it and set it as LBA.
        I would strongly recomend not only formatting it but also use the fdisk to creat new partition. And when using the Fdisk make sure you select Large Disk option at start up.

        Also i found that getting rid of Linux Boot Up Sector data can be quite hard! Even Fdisk doesnt clean it.



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          finally last night at 3am i got it, i ran fdisk and then formatted and it worked, thank god!