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Calling all FV24 owners TV out picture size problem

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  • Calling all FV24 owners TV out picture size problem

    I have an Fv24 board and i cant adjust the screen size on the tv video output. I have a good deal of wasted space all around my screen. I tried editing the regrestry under S3 and it gave me a bunch of fancy options under the advanced tv tab in display settings but none of them would let me resize the tv out picture. There is a slider bar for horizontal/vertical size but it dosent move, its not greyed out though. I can move the picture around the screen fine but I cannot enlarge it. How have you guys solved this problem? TVtool and PowerStrip dont seem to work with the FV24, have you guys been able to use these tools? Also, just how many people out there have Fv24 boards? I called shuttle and they had no idea this problem exists and they told me there is nothing they can do.
    91 cadillac sedan deville, winXP, FV25 with Celeron 800, Redant 7" widescreen in dash, Opus DC-DC, Irman, Digital Cable remote(lots of buttons), 120 gig 7200rpm 8meg cache WD hard drive, VI power mobile HD rack, mediaengine