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12volt & $300 touch screens

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  • 12volt & $300 touch screens

    I am sure y'all are soooo tired of hearing about theses touch screens, but I am wondering how to power it... the man that sold 'em said that they can do 12volt dc, and the psu that came with it outputs to 12v & 1.5amps. Do I just whack the plug off (hehehe... she said "whack" and give it a power & a ground? fuse? I would like to put a switch on it too.



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    it isn't quite that probably should run the it through a regulator chip if you plan on powering straight from the car. but you should be able to power it from the computer powersupply should go to radioshack and get a plug the same size instead of damaging the one that came with it


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      The problem with the "12 volt" that your car delivers is that there are power spikes and surges. This means that you may get approx 11-17 volts out of your car.

      Some of the other guys knows alot more about this problem. If you take a look at some of the power supply design that are mentioned around here you will see that they all incorporate features to ensure that the voltage is 12 volts.

      I dont know how sensitive the lcd displays are to the difference in power levels ...


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        Seems like they are fairly sensitive to low voltage at least.. when plugged into my inverter if the car isn't running the screen flashes and gets all snowy..



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          LOL, Kate. We need some humor on this board every now and then. Keep it up!