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Wiring Distribution Fuse Box, cable length etc

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  • Wiring Distribution Fuse Box, cable length etc

    Hi All

    A bit of a opinionated question i feel, but here goes:

    I will be wiring the following components into a car system:

    CarPC (TC10000, gps etc as per signature)
    2 x 500W amplifiers
    2 x 10inch 350W subwoofers
    1 x 4 way digital fuse distribution box
    yada yada yada....

    Basically, i think the car pc is going to be located either under seat, or in glovebox, depending on space. However, I am going to run 1 large power cable from battery to 4 way fused distribution box, probably with a large fuse on it within 20cm away from battery.

    This fuse box will then split it up for 4 devices to be connected, ie, Car PC, Amp 1, Amp2 and possibly one spare. I would like this box to be at the front of the car, somewhere, so that the digital readout can be accessed easily.

    Is this a good idea? I was thinking a short, large, say 2AWG power cable to the glovebox and fuse box, then smaller cables to each component, all individually fused.

    Anyone done similar? I know these fuse boxes seem to be used mainly in the boot of peoples installs, but i recon it would look nice somewhere where u can access it easier.

    I know its better to fuse closer to battery so that if the cable shorts out between fuse and amp etc, then the fuse will blow without drawing huge currents from battery.

    Cheers peeps