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3.5 stereo jack to 2 male RCA out?

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  • 3.5 stereo jack to 2 male RCA out?

    I need to find a quality 3.5mm to 2 male RCA cable that is SMALL.

    I had one a long time ago that came with a Creative AWE64 Gold soundcard I had, but can't seem to find it.

    All Radioshack and BestBuy etc has are the 6' ones. I'd prefer a 3" one if possible? Any ideas?
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    Try I got the radioshaq 6' plus rca 6".


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      I know we sold Monster Cable brand of what you want/need... but the shortest we had were 12"-18" lengths... they were VERY good quality... weren't cheap though as Monster usually aren't... around $19.95... hope that helps.

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        just a quick question here ( i may be able to help) do you mean 3.5mm jack connector ( the small but not tiny one) to male phono?( uk name i think) as in the plug ( with the pin and a screen) rather than the socket ( hole and screen)

        if this is what you are after i'll put you one togeather for cost and postage ( i am in the uk so it may cost a little to post) just send me specifications of what you are after ( lengths, connectors/ if u need plastic or metal connectors) if you do need one i will make it and pop it on ebay for you if u want, you will just have to bear with me with getting the parts for a short while as my car isnt on the road atm)

        hope i can be of help
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          Originally posted by judoGTI

          All Radioshack and BestBuy etc has are the 6' ones. I'd prefer a 3" one if possible? Any ideas?
          3 inches??? The shortest I have seen is 16" RCA cables. You're not going to notice much of difference between that and 3" inches as far as signal quality. You can also make your own cable.
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            whoa, I've never seen 3", I have a 3' Sony one. I think I bought it from wal-mart a long time ago.


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              I got one about a year ago from Radioshack that wasn't even a cable... instead it was an inline adapter. They don't have them online.

              It looked like one of these only it was RCA to 3.5mm jack.


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