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CarPC on standard ISO loom

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  • CarPC on standard ISO loom

    Would the current pull be too much for the ISO loom to run a car PC directly from it?

    Assume the car PC has a 2.5"HDD, slimline optical and a few USB devices.

    I have read a few ebay listings that have "direct replacement" headunits that are carPC's.
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    well my car had a 15 amp fuse for the 'Hu/Nav' fuse. So i guess in theory its possible as an Opus 90w is fused to 10 amp max. The wiring is rated up to 15 amp or more in the car hence my 15amp fuse. All depends on your car and if you feel conifdent that way.

    I myself though have a seperate wire. If you are running a wire for amps in boot and PC is in boot its a safer bet to use that. Use the HU one for powering LCD and other stuff


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      I would suggest checking out the fuse box in your car. If the current requirements of your pc and other devices dont go over the rating of the fuse thats already in there, it shouldn't be a problem. Saying that, if something pops under the hood, on your own head be it!

      I am planning on doing the same, it just makes sense as the connectors are already there so if all goes to plan I'll be able to tell you next week after my car gets back from the shop.

      You are planning on regulating the voltage from the loom though right? Mine will go from iso -> ITPS -> PSU (iso also has ignition switch which makes things nice and easy).
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        probably wouldn't use the ITPS as ive read problems about them surviving crank, I also posted a thread a while ago and got some really good advice back

        upshot seems to recommend the carnetix or do away with the regulator and PSU altogether and get an opus
        if you can't find time to do it right, when are you gonna find time to do it over.