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    hey all, does anyone know where/how I could get a motorized DIN to mount an LCD. There are lots of motorized LCDs out there. (Clarion, pioneer) but none are better than NTSC. This was somewhat discused over in the comercial hardware section, but what I want to do is make my own because i have a 2 DIN space in my Ford. Then i could still have a head unit and an lcd instead of just the lcd. So what we need is some manufacturer of those motorized DINs or something.

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    I am thinking that you are pretty much gonna have to build it yourself. I dont think you will find a kit to mount a screen in.
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      I haven't seen too many VGA LCD screens that are smaller than 7" that would fit in a DIN slot. (I haven't seen any actually).


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        I have a Ford Taurus with 2 din slots, and I have found 6.4" VGA screens ( but with the metal frame that probably surrounds the 6.4" element, it'll probably bloat up to around 7 inches? I think that doesn't fit in our double din areas :-(

        I'm thinking of taking two dn containers (the ones that hold the discman and has a swing door) and have one on the bottom like normal (door swing down) and the one on top upside down (door swings up) and file whatever needs to be filed so that the upper door can swing wider. Then I just cut the plastic that separates the two and bracket mount a LCD screen in there, like a 4" or a 5". If I want to hide it, I'll just close both doors. :-D I just don't know the price for these Ford Din containers tho.
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