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Need major hardware/motherboard help!

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  • Need major hardware/motherboard help!

    Alright! I am building a mp3 player/computer for my car, but I can't get past getting the motherboard to work. I am building a custom case. And right now I have mounted my motherboard to an old AT motherboard plate. I drilled the holes to match my micro-ATX motherboard holes. That is all I am up to right now. I have just the video card in my PCI slot. The motherboard powers up ok (Power led comes on) but there is no video. Here is where I have questions!!

    1. Shouldn't everything work without being in a conventional case?

    2. Shouldn't BIOS load without a processor, RAM, HD installed?

    3. Does the board need to be grounded? As is I just have to motherboard attached to the plate sitting on the floor.

    Any suggestions would be helpfull as I have never build a computer with a custom case before. I have tried to read everything I can on car computers but most of them seem to be a full blown computer case in the trunk.

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    If you connected hdd or fdd wrong way
    it will not do anything except for power up.

    try to hook up everything up right.

    without cpu or ram, i don't think i will boot up or ...
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      <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Maveric:
      2. Shouldn't BIOS load without a processor, RAM, HD installed?
      In a word, no. A computer needs a processor and memory to work.


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        #1 A case is not needed.
        #2 No, minimum requirements to post a system are a cpu, some memory, and a video card.
        #3 It is grounded via the power cable.

        That's right, you just got passed by a computerized toaster...


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          Um, a computer need a CPU and memory to work. The minimum necessary to boot any motherboard is board, CPU, memory.

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