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GNUnilink & AVR-Unilink: Info, help?

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  • GNUnilink & AVR-Unilink: Info, help?
    Has anyone here done this? Or can speak/read schematic? I'm interested in building one of these Sony Unilink interfaces for my in-progress project. Unfortuntely, I don't speak schematic, so I don't really understand where to start, what parts I need, etc.

    I understand that one guy uses AVR and another uses PIC. I understand that both are microcontrollers. Research tells that AVR is a faster controller, so likely a better choice. But the PIC guy gives "a little" more in the way of instruction.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    BUMP - i just found some info on this stuff and woulr like to know if anyone could write a plugin for frodo etc to output to the Sony HU. Also, can the serial input from the controls be mapped to girder for example...

    Some info here: