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Slimline slot dvd-rom, now $66 at Newegg

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  • Slimline slot dvd-rom, now $66 at Newegg

    Alright, I beleive this a a new product on Newegg's site. It's a little cheaper than anything we've seen below.

    NU SLOT SLIM 8x DVD-ROM Drive - $66 USD (plus $2shipping I believe)
    I can't attest for the brand but I can recommend the site, Newegg.

    NU SLOT SLIM 8x DVD-ROM Drive - Click here

    I would still recommend the below slimline slot loading DVD/CDRW, it's old $5 more and you get a recommended Panasonic (do a search) and CDRW capablilites. It's only $71 (plus $2 shipping, I believe)

    Panasonic Slimline Slot Loading Combo Drive For Notebook

    There are tons of threads with reviews of the Panasonic and Newegg's deal.
    Also, tons of threads on how to get these drives with your desktop.

    DO A SEARCH. PLEASE. Hopefully, this isn't a repost itself
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    nice find.
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      Newegg is one of the best stores I've dealt with, along with LogjamElectronics.

      I think I still prefer my Panasonic CDRW. Not that I have found a reason to burn a CD in my car yet...


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        Ah, if only it was a USB2 device...

        Ooh, wait...USB2.0 to IDE adapters!
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          I think that is for regular IDE drives you would also need an aditional convertor to convert the laptop IDE to standard IDE for that to work
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            Looks to be the same drive to me - probably just the Panasonic drive sold under the NU name. Its done all the time.
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