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cd-rom in a car... need advice

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  • cd-rom in a car... need advice


    I was wondering if anyone knows how to get a regular cd-rom to spin up and read music cds? Assuming the cd-rom has a pla button on the from and track skip how can i insert a music cd, plug a pair of headphone in the front and hear music? Any help would be appriciated.



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    I may be wrong, but I think all you have to do it power it up (12v & ground) and it should be able to play music CD's.


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      I've got one with a play button all I've got to do is power it up hit the play button (and plug-in headphones) and away I go.
      Power will very from player to player but mine users +5V, +12V, and ground.

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        once powered up... all cd players with the play button should play an audio cd... it will NOT be played over the IDE... so if thats all ya want... you dont even need the rest of the computer....
        the sound comes out of one of the little 4 pin connection (analog audio) this can either be fed straight to your computer with a little gra cable... or you might be able to actually take that cable and splice it to an audio in (RCA, 1/8" jack, or even a tape adapter)... im not sure about this though because i dont know if the voltage would be strong enough.... but if you turn the Volume knob all the way up I'd bet it would work.. let me know if it works for ya


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          Why not just plug into the 1/8 head phones jack on the front?
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            The audio connector ( 3 pin , sometimes 4 on the back ) the one that usually goes to the soundcard- it puts out line level ( for amp or tape adapter) it would be easy to make a cable to go from the rear audio out to a l & R RCA.

            as for the drive playing audio, I have never tried, but giving it power should work.
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              One thing worth mentioning. Since a CD-ROM is designed for a stable desktop, it has little shock protection. Audio CDs may skip a lot...

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                Aaron: depends on the generation of CD drive u are talking about.
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