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troubleshooting my carpc

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  • troubleshooting my carpc

    A few weeks ago my battery was dying up front and upon starting my car the engine died immeadiatly and the battery was no longer among the living. This was no big deal since i was going to get a better battery anyway, but it did cause a glitch in my computer. A file (or in my case an entire directory) was lost/corrupt. It's the windows\system32\config\system. I had a friend handy with XP help me fix the problem. I still have all my music on my carputer but i don't have the drivers for my lilliput 7" TS and i can't get mediaengine to work. I"m assuming i'll need to reinstall the drivers for the TS but i don't know where they are, can somebody send me a link for them? And will i probably just need to reinstall the mediaEngine software?

    Thirdly, and lastly, my screen won't auto-adjust, i have to go into the menu and make it autoadjust each time. How do i fix that? Do i need to set the screen resolution, and if so how do i do that?

    Lilliput 7" TS
    Travla C-134
    Nehemiah M10000
    40g HD
    Slim/slot DVD drive from
    windows XP

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    I think it would be best to reinstall your computer as you did the first time. You never know what might got damaged at the same time (registry, other files...).

    Get your music safe before though.
    List of front-ends/usefull apps
    XTroniC | XTroniC Direct


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      well i reinstalled (or rather i fixed the problem) and my music is still there, but i guess some stuff didn't make it all the way through. So i just had some of those basic questions and i'm also looking for the drivers for the lilliput.


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        The auto-adjust could be resolution/refresh rate (60Hz should be ok).

        Try to reinstall ME, yes. for the drivers.

        List of front-ends/usefull apps
        XTroniC | XTroniC Direct


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          how do i change the resolution/refresh rate?

          i remember doing it when i initially set up my computer, but i don't remember anymore.


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            help, still trying to change that refresh rate...

            how do i do it?


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              bump for teh guru's. Please help


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                one last time, how do i change the refresh rate?


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                  bring up display properties (rite click on desktop), settings tab at the top, then advanced button, then monitor tab (or on older windows - adapter tab) and voila


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                    i tried this, and i cannot access the monitor. it just has it greyed out, but checked. Am i doing something wrong?