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using a an HU with computer?

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  • using a an HU with computer?

    can a head unit be used with a car pc? can the pc use the same amps and speakers as the head unit? i want to hide the head unit in the center console, and have the touch screen in-dash with a motorized cover. i want it to look like i dont have a sound system in the car.
    and can I use the HU along with the comp as a sort of cd drive? the whole car pc thing is confusing the crap out of me. i think it would be a pain in the *** to keep using the touch screen to play mp3s/cds, especially while driving, but i do want to have it for playing dvds and for gps... sorry for the long post, i hope all my rambling makes a little sense.

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    So make your computer completely independent of your car. Hook up and FM modulator to it for when you use DVd/GPS (if your GPS has audio).

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      and will i still be able to play mp3s from the computer? instead of hooking up the modulator everytime i want to hear audio from the computer, can I wire a switch into the dash or something? or better yet have it switch on for the computer when i turn off the head unit?


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        connect the RCA's on the back of your head unit to the line in jack on your computer
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          Yea, just get a HU with RCA inputs and it will be good to go. Just switch to the AUX input when you wanna listen to your computer sound.

          I re-read your post and noticed that you want to make it look like there is no stereo. The problem is however that if you want a HU, you will need a way to control it.

          I would suggest "remot'ing" the faceplate on the HU and putting the HU whereever. You can then be alot more flexable with the placement of the faceplate which will control the HU. A big benefit of this is that you can control the computer volume with the faceplate volume control (since the computer audio will be fed thru the HU AUX port). You will also have a radio to listen to for the times when your computer is not working
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            Check my thread on this weekly asked question:
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              Originally posted by ppgt94
              Check my thread on this weekly asked question:
              I don't think that answers everything camaro is asking. He wants to be able to control the HU from the PC, amongst others.

              I think the answer it that you can do it, but it might be extremely involved, and not likley worth it. If your HU has an IR remote, you can get a IR unit for the PC, emulate the remote signals, and control it that way. That's the easy way. Alternatively, you can open up your HU, tap into the button contacts, and run them through a bank of transistors controlled via parallel port. That'll get you 8 button controls straight up before you have to start talking about putting addressing logic in there.

              Like I said, probably not worth it. Particularly since a PC can do just about anything an average HU can. Many people have their PC replace the HU entirely. And for that, that link might be quite useful.


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                the reason i want a head unit is because i think its more reliable than the computer. plus i can just press a button and its playing, i dont need to use the touchscreen all the time, which is a pain in the *** i think if the car is shaking like when you're driving or if you have a lopey idle. i was thinking of using a rotary commander type remote. the touch screen would be behind a motorized cover that i will fabricate. the goal is to make it look like there is no sound system in the car. and i will be building a custom dash to make the screen cover blend in with the rest of the dash so no one would even guess there is a touch screen under there. anyway thanks for the replies guys, you've pretty much answered my question.


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                  I put a screen where the radio was in my camaro, and relocated my aftermarket hu into my glovebox; the hu has an external remote receiver, which I placed in the ac vent, so I can run the radio with the glovebox closed...definately is working great for me, if ur interested I'll take pics later and drop them to you for ideas


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                    pics would be great. even though your dash is different from mine because you got a 97, still send them when u get em. thanks.