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Getting rid of popping sound (simple)

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  • Getting rid of popping sound (simple)

    Okay, I was just thinking of a way to get rid off that anoying popping sound and I thought of a way so simple that I know someone else has had to of think of it but I'll throw it out there anyways...

    Just but a relay card into the computer that will turn the amp on after the sound card has been activated.

    ...Any problems with this idea?

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    and do you have the site or anything that backs up your idea?? like where to get the relay card and etc.... sorry i dont need it i got switch to turn my amps on but just to help someone else out


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      Here's one I found after 20 minutes of searching,


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        its a lot less simple than putting a relay on 2 wires of the power supply
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          simpeler than that - you just need some kind of break in the audio feed to the amp - a ground loop isolater will work - its basically an audio isolation transformer. ask for a ground loop isolater at radioshack, or check there web site for p/n - 273-1374 or 273-1380

          Wallmart also started to stock one in there car audio section.

          Or, you could take an optical out from the sound card - anything optical should fire up without the pop.

          For those with the opus w/ remote option, this is a delayed on trigger - perfect for amp.
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            You could split you could run 2 ACC lines and hook one up to a SPDT switch... seems too simple, so somebody is probably going to mention the fact that it won't work. Seems to me like it should... but whatever.
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              I have a cube timer in my car that turns on my amp about 6 seconds after my carputer. It was like $20 or so, but great to eliminate that pop.

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