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    Is their such a thing as an ide cable with just 2 connectors? ie System board to Master, without a slave?

    My Setup looks too cluttered with trailing slave wires!(no slave device installed)

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    all different sizes/colors



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      Yes, but you can just pop the middle connector off as well. There are little latches on the edges of the connector usually to do this. It will leave holes in the ribbon cable but it still works fine (or has for me). You could also cut the ribbon cable after the second connector to shorten it.

      If you are feeling brave (or hell, worse that can happen is it doesnt work), you can put the connector you pull off and position it wherever you want on the ribbon cable to make it a custom length. One note though, this is a lot easier with the 40 wire cables than the 80 wire UDMA cables.
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        Originally posted by Callahan
        Dude, I have the same generation Cavalier, with an LCD in the same spot (Only I used a lilliput), using a tape adapter in the same way, with my computer in the exact same corner of the trunk, and my girlfriend enjoys it more than I do.

        That page looked like a clone of my car, except mine has black bumpers/trim... Scary
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          I was searching for the same thing, single device ide cables, I know there are a few out there, and rounded ones would be nice, but I'm using a small case and even 10" has alot of slack around it. Any ideas if anyone makes shorter ones? like maybe a 6 " one? A while back I got a firewire repeater for a few external harddrives I had, and it came with a 2" long single device ide cable. It was awesome, but I can't find anything like that or even where it came from.



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            Don't know where to get any that short, but you could reposition the connector as outlined above and cut the rest off.