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My plans, IO Warrior?

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  • My plans, IO Warrior?

    Has anyone here heard of (or used?) the IO Warrior?

    I'm starting up my car-pc plans again, and I'm thinking of using one for my LCD. I have a 2x20 character LCD that I used to run with a long parallel cable (due to the car, the cable to the computer is around 12 feet). Due to the length of the cable, I ended up getting some interferance that would occasionally (enough to be annoying though) cause random characters to show up on the LCD.

    My new plans involve using USB for everything possible.
    The IO Warrior can be configured to run a parallel port LCD, so I should be able to use it to control mine, and have some input/output pins free for various other stuff.
    I also plan to use a Creative Extigy for sound. I want to try mounting it directly below my head unit (provided I can shoe-horn it into the dash there) and then just run a very short cable from it to the RCA line-in on the back of my deck.
    Until then, I'll run a long audio cable to the deck, and use a USB IR reciever (the Extigy has one built in, when I get it).
    I'm also planning on running the system (Linux) off a ramdisk after loading it from the HDD or CDROM, and having the mp3s and the major software on a 3.5" drive in a USB enclosure, so I can easily cart it into the house to work on the software.

    So anyways, yeah. Anyone used an IO Warrior before?
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    Have you thought of using a usb parallel cable? Not sure if it would work as they are designed for printers but i cant see why it wouldnt
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      I did think about doing that, but, as you said, who knows if it'll work for sure. The IO Warrior is designed to work for this, and those extra IO pins will come in handy, I'm sure.
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