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Powering an overkill system

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  • Powering an overkill system

    I was going to have 3 pcs in my car, one in the trunk for playing mp3s and storing ripped dvds and crap, the other two for playing games and watchin those ripped dvds. The one in the trunk is going to have an lcd display, and the two other pcs are going to have flat screen monitors in the seat. I'm also goin to have 2 12" subs in the trunk and some more speakers. What i was wondering was if my car can put out enough power to keep this crap running. I also wanted to know if i had to use an inverter, if so is it possible to make new connections, because i don't want to go from the cigarette lighter, i want to keep the wires hidden. One other question, what is the max length on an IDE cable.

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    depending on how much your other crap (AC, headlights, ABS, etc.) you might want to consider either buying a bigger alternator or buying a second one, or both. I know there are guys that go to competition car shows that are running 3 alternators and 2 batteries just to power their sound equipment.
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      hmmm. more than 1 alternator. I didn't think that was ever possible. I know upgrading it is. Gonna have to look into it.

      I've been making setup changes and my pc system will now require 7 AC inputs.

      USB Hub
      4 80GB USB HDs (I know, way overkill)
      GPS (directly wired)

      Then there is the stereo, subs, strobes, neon, etc.

      I hope everything gets powered correctly. Hate to have my car blow up.


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        Two alternators in a hassle, upgrading one is easy. Note that some devices that are designed to run on 120V might not have to. For example, I'm willing to bet that the USB hub uses a small wall adapter to feed it a lower voltage. You can probably get that voltage from the 12V system in the car with just a simple regulator. Probably same with the hard drives. And quite possibly the same with the LCD monitors.

        Either way, it looks like you will be needing a bigger alternator, and possibly a second battery to increase runtime with the car turned off.

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