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2000 Silverado Aux Adapter

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  • 2000 Silverado Aux Adapter

    I'm upgrading vehicles and now need to do a V 2.0 on the carputer. Bought a 2000 Silverado with a factory CD/Cassette slave unit. What I'd like to do is get rid of the slave unit altogether since that looks like a great place for my DVD drive. Does anyone know of an adapter that would allow me to get rid of it and still use the Aux input? The AAI-GM9 requires the tape player to remain and run whenever the aux unit is being used. Any help here is appreciated.

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    I have seen extension cables that will let you relocate the slave unit to another location. When I moved the cd changer in my Sierra Denali to the glove box I just butt spliced in longer wires. I think PAC made the extension cable. If your sticking to the factory deck I think the slave unit may have to stay involved to get your aux input.
    '03 Sierra Denali


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      Damn I was afraid of that. Guess I'm going to need to find out if there is a way to trigger that aux button by supplying voltage to another lead. Sounds like a good way for me to fry the deck in the process...oh well it'll give me an excuse to upgrade the deck I guess. Wish me luck, if I find out how to do it, I'll let you guys in on it.


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        The cheapest way is just tuck the cassette up under the dash with a tape stuck in it. Then cut the audio in portion of the cable and patch into it. Works great and costs nothing but a little time. Oh yea and don't hit the eject button on the radio ...If you do you have to reach back under the dash and stick the tape back in to use your aux. I think I found what wires on this forum...If you can't locate it ask and I will see if I can dig it back up.


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          OK, I e-mailed PIE with this question:

          I just bought a 2000 Silverado and am looking for an auxiliary adapter for the factory head unit/cassette deck slave unit. What I want is an adapter that will let me do away with the cassette slave player altogether. I am hoping that this would be possible with the GM9-AUX. Other units I've seen for this setup require the cassette player to constantly be running whenever I would be using the aux in, I would prefer to be rid of the slave altogether. Is this possible?

          And this was the response I got:

          Yes, "RID" the Cass. and connect the GM9-AUX behind the radio.

          Thank you for contacting PIE.

          I'm going to order it and try it. I'll keep you guys posted on it.


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            The Adapter does exactly what P.I.E. said it would do. I no longer have the slave cassette player and everything is working great. I'll post pics of the install when I'm done bondoing and painting the LCD mount.