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mircoATX PSU?

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  • mircoATX PSU?

    Today I aquired a HP Pavilion 4443 case. The case is the perfect size, infact I'v never seen a case this small. It is roughly a little smaller the the case I planned to make. I have one problem. The PSU is MircoATX. First off I believe the PSU has been damaged to begin with. Which isn't a big deal because I plan to get a DC-DC PSU. Where can I find a small DC-DC PSU that is about the same size of the current PSU? I thought about just using a standard size PSU, but fear that it will be too close to the CPU. The CPU will only have a heatsink, but I will have a 120mm (108 CFM of air) Fan and maybe a 80mm (35 CFM of air) fan. Comments? Suggestions?

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    i believe the arise 875 is the one you want.
    That seems the one that people recommend to me here.

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      albysure could you please point me to that psu you are talking about, I could not find it in Arise site..thankx


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        maybe u should make ur own dc-dc ? plans are at

        better u are at electronics, smaller u can make it :P
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          is the arise unit going to work with a MicroATX motherboard?

          The arise unit has only 5v and 12v outputs, if the cable is modded to the ATX connector and you manually turned the power supply on is it still going to work?

          just curious..



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            anothamp3frk: he is talking about the ace-865v. Take a look at my setup.....all those gizmo, it powers up including my TFT screen.

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              hey cen, are you using the PSU to power a ATX motherboard though? Or is it an embedded board with a 5 pin connector?



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                thanx cenwesi,
                hey listen I have a question for you, I downloaded CobraII a while back I have not been able to get it going, everytime I scan for mp3s on my drive or cdrom it gives this error
                -CobraII has caused an error in AIRDLL.DLL
                CobraII will now close-
                can you tell what's going on....