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help on numeric keypad and plugin!!!

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  • help on numeric keypad and plugin!!!

    im having trouble locating a numeric keypad here in the Philippines. Ive dismantalled my kboard, and i found out that it seems possible to "cut" the circuit (literally)into 2, and use the numeric keys. Is this possible or not? if possible, how would i use the winamp plugin for the numeric keypad?

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    I'm not sure about the cutting of the keyboard, but the plugin works with the keypad on a full keyboard or a keypad by itself. So, if your cut job does work, you should be alright.


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      There has to be a place on the internet that sells keypad's that will ship them to you. I dont know of any sites off hand but do some searches for keypads, I bet you will find a company.


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        tnx for the reply guys! got it figured out already, instead of cutting the circuit into two (w/c is in fact impossible 'coz of the enter, 4,8,6,and 2 keys' circuit travels a long way to the other end then back to the IC), id just fold into 3 to 4 folds i guess and just utilize the numeric keys. but still the plastic casing has to be sacrificed >
        tnx again