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looking for a 5.1 channel SMALL amplifier

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  • looking for a 5.1 channel SMALL amplifier

    Hello everyone, im looking for a small 5.1 channel amplifier. They're quite elusive. I need it to place inside my monster (Apollo HP 5500 series) computer case. i can't find anything even remotely small. They computer case itself weighs in at around 30 lbs empty, dont really feel up to measuring it, but its about the size of a standard home audio reciever i suppose. Any links to small 5.1 channel amplifiers would be greatly appreciated.

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    Like you said they're exclusive. I doubt any company would waste their time producing one with less than 6 x 50 watts RMS. There have to be i/o panels large enough for 6 speaker output leads, 6 inputs, and power connectors. if usuing a passive cooling there needs to be appropriate area to dissapate the heat. You're most likely going to have to use an external amp or build one yourself.
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      dura-brand makes one for only $50 and its 1/4 the hight of a standerd rackmount system.
      I dont know if thay sell it any more but you can check wal-mart.
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        hey, i can't seem to find the durabrand one, i've searched online, and im guessing either they don't make it anymore or its just real hard to find. Anyone else have any ideas? (this is for in home ac) Thanks