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  • MSI Book PC

    Sup everyone
    Nick here, just thought of a couple questions since I'm stuck at work an hour late!!!!!!!!!!!!! DAMNIT!!! lol. Im probably leaning towards just building my own but i'm very bored so I might as well kill some time. I really like the look of the MSI book pcs and they have great features. Also I work in a computer store and we carry some msi products and they're a very solid company. The thing that makes me not want to buy one of these book pcs is the fact that it only has like a 145watt power supply. This will probably work fine with a celeron however im a performance man and I want a 1gig PIII. I dont think a 145watt PS will be adequete for a 1gig chip, however, I realize that my other periphials wont draw as much power (laptop hard drive, dvd, etc). If this power supply can run a 1gig this might be my route if not, is anyone familiar with changing out the PS in these, its obviously not a standard PS, right?

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    According Directron, the MSI 6125 BookPC (the cool one with video out, firewire, and 2 PCI slots) has been discontinued.
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      yah the MSI is a very goot stable bookPC. I used these before and never had a problem.
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        I use an MSI 6215. Sorry to hear it has been discontinued. It's an excellent machine and gets good use in my car.
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