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  • kinda at a standstill

    I have the computer/touchscreen installed, and are installing a temp set of speakers.

    my question is...what would be a GOOD set up for speakers amp...not going overboard. This is in a Corvette so the space limitations are small...

    is extra noise/static a problem, or is the sound coming out of most computers prety good? is there a advantage to using USB sound card out as opposed to the normal speakers out?


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    No idea on a GOOD setup but on your other question...

    Sound is usually good, EXCEPT for ground problems I have found. A USB sound card has helped some people, but for me it made no difference as all my noise (high pitched whine) was coming on the ground signal. I had to use a ground loop isolator to get the whine to go away. This probably affects the sound quality a bit, but it sounds good to me. Almost no noise and certainly nothing for a car enviroment. You can get that filter from Radio Shack or any number of other places. Good luck.