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will this screw-up my hd?

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  • will this screw-up my hd?

    i've got 2 fairly large amps that i'm going to mount right above my car pc, and was wondering if they will produce sufficent magnetic force to mess with my hard drive?
    the amps are a rockford fosgate 500.2(250Wx2) and 360.6(30Wx6)

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    i don't know about the hard drive, but those rockford amps should feed plenty of distortion to the speakers! ha! ....
    just razzin.

    focused on multimedia
    focused on multimedia


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      Anytime electrical current passes through a wire, a magnetic field is created. So if the amps are close enough to the hard drives, I would think that they could do some damage. I'm not certain it would be enough, but better safe thatn sorry.



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        This question has been answered uncountable times before. Please search the forum for "sub" before asking any more questions on the subject.


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