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IDE-CF adapters

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  • IDE-CF adapters

    anyone have experience with them? From what I understand, it is powered right off the IDE port on the motherboard, is this correct?

    Anyone else have anything to say about them? I'm just curious and thinkin about getting one to play with it... thanks
    [ 5-spd 1996 M A X i M A SE ]

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    from what I undetstand, there are different types. Some can be a bootable device, while some are used only as read/write like a card reader, but on the IDE bus, instaed of usb like a regular cf reader. If you want to use this as a bootable drive, the cf/ide adapter needs to be bootable. make sense?
    here is a bootable:

    this is not:
    niether of these are mine, just posting for comparasion.


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      The one I bought has a molex connector on it for power. It's a small molex like a floppy drive.

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        ahh ic, thanks alot for the description.

        Okay to narrow down my search, I should make sure the CF-IDE adapter should be bootable.

        How about the CF card itself? I've been looking on newegg and I see under "interface" they're labeled as IDE / ATA / USB and such.

        I'm also on the search for a direct connector.... female IDE plug that goes right into the mobo. I think the only one with the least vertical height is the one ituner sells.. $30.
        [ 5-spd 1996 M A X i M A SE ]


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          CF is CF when it comes to the actual card. Compact Flash is a device standard, and it makes no difference who makes the card, or what type of reader you use. If it supports CF, then it supports CF.
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