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Interface with The GM BCM???

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  • Interface with The GM BCM???

    I recently upgraded my vehicle to a 2000 Chevrolet Silverado and am getting ready to install the PC into it. Question I have is has anyone found a way to interface the Body Control Module in GM vehicles? There are certain things I'd like to access this for, like when I add factory fog lights, I'll need to reprogram the BCM so that they work. Rather than take it to a dealer to have done, I'd like to use the carputer to do this. Does anyone know if it's even possible? I imagine that there is some sort of proprietary software that the dealers use to interface the BCM, does anyone know if that would be available online somewhere? Any info here would be appreciated

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    afaik the only tool to change anything with the bcm is the tech 2. those are like 5000 bux. and the software can only be updated by a authorized gm dealer meaning the dealership must own that tech 2.


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      check over on the PCM forum, think there are a couple guys who can reprogram them - but I have never seen anything available to do it yourself, I looked for a little myself and ended up getting HPTuners since I was really interested in modding the ECM and TCM(can also scan BCM)
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