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$20 6x9 inch LCD panels

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  • $20 6x9 inch LCD panels

    I know a place that has a bunch of LCDs for $20. They don't have any information on them which is why they are selling them for $20. I was able to pull the numbers off one of them, if anyone finds out what is needed to control these. I'll be more than happy to deliever the LCD as the store does not accept out of area orders.
    ---INFO on front of LCD-
    54779 - 60101113 - 001 REV X1 S/N 241
    ----INFO on back of LCD
    LJ640U07 SHARP JAPAN QPWBS0311YAZZ 10102856

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    From what I've googled (yes, I made that a verb ) These are EL displays. They're not tft's or dual scans, but something else.

    Trying to find more info about them...


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      Direct from the Sharp site:

      <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">When it's workhorse durability you need, combined with world-class performance, Sharp's line of Electroluminescent (EL) displays are ready to get to work. From heavy industry to office automation, EL displays stand up to real-world abuse, electrical interference and temperature extremes while providing superior viewability in a thin, compact design that's amazingly lightweight and extremely power efficient. </font>
      Looks like a good screen. How big is it? is the 6x9 the viewable or outside? If it's 10.4 (diag) viewable or below, I'd love for you to mail me one.


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        I have no clue how to control them, though. Probably have to get that info directly from sharp. Again, if they're under 10.4", I'll pay you $30 to cover the $20 for lcd, shipping, and your time


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          more than likely it's mono