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Tell me what I need to get my audio back up to par

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  • Tell me what I need to get my audio back up to par

    I have a mobile MP3 question that hopefully has an easy answer. I got the car all wired up and set up fine. I've got a P75 with a SoundBlaster 16 in it. I'm using the "Line Out" port (non amped) to a cassette adapter in the deck. I've got a Pontiac Grand Am with the stock GM system in it (Bose amp and what not) and when I tried a comparison of the same song across various players, here's what I get:

    Tape Nutty Bass
    Discman w/ cassette adapter Bass
    PC w/ cassette adapter Pretty much flat

    What's the dilly? Whenever I try to mess with the EQ in WinAMP, it just ends up distorting the bass coming out of the speakers. I know my stuff can handle what I want it to do; I just can't figure out what combo of volume in WinAMP, coupled with the stereo volume, coupled with the WinAMP EQ or PreAMP settings will give me what I get soundwise from cassette or even the CD with adapter is fine.
    I originally had a SoundBlaster with a "Speaker Out" port, but that was 4 watts @ 4 ohms, which really distorted my ****. Is that what I need and just turn that volume low or do I need a crossover and amp that I plug the soundcard into? Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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    Try reducing the volume using the Windows volume control (Assuming you use Windows !)


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      I had my system in my car for a little bit, and after awhile the heavy adapter to RCA started to losen up the jacks, which gave me a very flat sound. Simply moving the adapter around gave me the full rich sound. If your still having problems with using the RIGHT adapter, try dragging the system inside and do the same comparision. Good Luck


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        i would have thought that the problem was due to using "line out" changing winamp vol shouldnt affect lineout volumeand also its possible that lineout is before eq section..... just a thought
        Volvo V40 Phase 2 2002. T4 turbo upgrade.... currently no mp3 or carputer..... researching options


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          New update on the issue. I junked the stock deck and put in an Aiwa CR-X409 with the 1/8" jack in the front. I had to run a ground loop isolator to kill the noise, but I'm still not getting the good bass that I do from tapes and radio. I tried turning up the preamp in WinAMP and messing with the EQ, but that still didn't do it. I know I can output to a crossover and then to an amp and possibly a sub, but I kind of wanted to avoid that.
          I know the headphone out jack is amped at 4 watts, and that sounded kind of crappy (maybe my speakers) and the line out is no amps. Anything in between?


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            hey S. Stormont

            Maybe your soundcard is the problem. stick in another soundcard and try it. If that dosnt work, you can always get a E/Q from Radioshack and increase the bass through that