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Has Anyone seen this case???

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  • Has Anyone seen this case???

    I'm looking for a case that has a particular look I guess. I want to find one that will house an ITX mobo, and at least a slimline optical drive and HDD, and doesn't look like a PC case. I want something that resembles more of a cd changer than an actual PC case. I hope this description helps.... I just want to find something that will look like a small black (or whatever) box in my trunk.

    Has anyone seen anything like this????


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    Check out this page:
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      Yeah, I've seen that page at some point before, but I don't really want to go find a Sony CD changer shell... that was just more of an example of what I envisioned it looking like, but thanks for the link anyhow.


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        This may not help much, and I'm sure you already have seen this site. All I know is they had some very small cases. Try this site... good luck
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          hmm, actually I hadn't seen that website. I was mainly looking (so far) on . They've got some nice stuff, and it's almost exactly what I want, I just didn't know if there was anyting closer out there. Thanks for the link!