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good question about center channel speakers

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  • good question about center channel speakers

    hey guys how yall doing im new here... my name is Frank. well i need some expertise and i know someone out there can help me.. its about center ch speakers. i have a 2004 f150.. i plan on putting a center channel speaker run off a pentium4-m comp.. to a audiobahn a5100t.. to center ch. i can remove the cig lighter assembly, and have about 1.5" x 7" opening for speaker. whats the best route now?

    a. 4x6 2 way (infinity kappa)
    b. 1 set- 4" component w/ 1" tweeter ( mb quart )
    c. 2 set- 4" coaxials ( infinity kappa, image dynamics) (how could i do this?)
    d. 2 set- 4" component w/ single 1"tweeter (mbquart) ( how could i do this?)
    e. HLCD or minihorns (ID) (what the hell are these anyone know much?)

    which would sound best.. i dont want those clarion/kenwood center ch things

    also if i go with ID i can go to 8 OHMs is this better than 4?

    thanks for any help guys.. il have my full system after i get back from my next combat deployment ( combat pay baby! ) but i gonna have it all planned out in my head to give me something to think about

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    I suppose it would kinda depend on what model of speakers you are using for the other channels. Perhaps it's not so critical in a vehicle, but I know that most people who have 5.1 like to have matching speakers with the same consistent timbre. And, is that correct, a 1.5" opening? How exactly are you planning to mount the center speaker?

    As for the 4 ohm vs 8 ohm bit, go with the 4 ohm speakers. You'll get more out of your amp. Since your using an all-in-one type of amp, I would also imagine that your amp would be happier if you had a consistent load for all the channels rather than a mix and match assortment of speakers and resistances.

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      thanks fishhook

      yeah those examples i gave... whatever i choose, ill match all the others.. mb quart infinity perfect, and ID are all great brands... i plan to make a bracket to hold the center speaker right behind the opening.. this bracket attached to the dash.. would i need some kind of baffle or housing to force the sound in a certain direction cause the opening definitly isnt big enough for the whole speaker... just the cone and tweeters


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        If you were willing/able to fabricate a larger opening to accomodate whatever speaker you choose, that would be the best option. Barring that, you should install the speaker as close to the dash piece as possible(flush, if you can), tweeter right at the opening, and definitely get a baffle. Otherwise you'd essentially have a speaker sitting in the middle of an open box which would give you all kinds of funky (not good funky) "sound effects" which I'm sure is not what you're aiming for.

        As for the speakers, what's the idea behind 2 speakers for the center? I supppose you could wire the speakers (or the crossovers in the case of the component pairs) in parallel, although that would give you an impedance of 2 ohms. And then, you'd be back to the question of is it a good idea to power speakers of different impedances from the same amp. Somebody help on this one?

        I have to admit, the whole 5.1 thing in a car/truck is kinda lost on me. Apart from the cool factor, the soundstage is so small and the probability of having an optimal listening spot has got to be pretty miniscule. Then again, maybe I'm just a cheap bastard trying to convince myself that I don't "need" 5.1 in my car. Still though, I'm interested in what others have to say about your setup. Maybe I'll learn something and realize that I can't possibly live W/OUT 5.1 in my car.


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          I'll try to help out here as best as I can. Seing as I have a 2 Seater Mid Engine Sports Car. I'm going for 5.1, but its going to be hard. Lemme express what I'm going to be doing.

          Asside from the dash swap that I'm going to be doing, to be able to get realistic sized speakers in the door. I'm throwing 6.5" Infinity Kappa Component speakers in the door, and the Adjustable 1" Dome Tweeters in the door adjusted to the center of the car (I know most people adjust it for the center of the driver seat, but I plan on having a passenger most of the time). These are my 2 front channels. I still haven't decided what to do about rear channels. Behind the seat headrest by the rear window on each side there's a hole for 6x3" speakers...or so I measured. But All Fiero seats come pre made with the holes in the seat cushions (not the fabric(need to get the seat covers with the holes made)) for 3" Speakers on each side which could be a kick *** suround effect. But Doing that would mean I would have to sit in the car and adjust the audio perfectly so the rear isn't overpowering the fronts, best way to get things centered, is sit firmly in the chair and adjust sound by playing a CD or MP3 song. Don't use FM because the reception can mess up your perception of whats centered in your inner ear. You want the music to sound like its working in perfect harmony, then you'll have a perfect setup of 4 channels. Next is the front Center chanel and the sub. Now, the only thing I can sugjest for this, is to use a high watt speaker for the center channel. It might be best to use the same type of speaker you used in your two front channels, but the problem is, you can't buy one speaker. So just buy a set of speakers, throw the extra one in the clothset for a spare. A good type of center channel speaker could also be a 4x10" speaker mounted in your dash...its only going to be used for voiced anyways. To amplify the center channel, your gonna have to get a mono amp setup for the specs of that speaker...not a mono bass amp, but a mono amp. Ususaly they have settings to change from normal sounds to bass. You should be running 3 Amps total when your done.

          You CANNOT just throw up a speaker on your dash, you'll get some ****ty sounds and loose the cool effect of doing this Carputer system. So my only sugjestion(s) is this, Either take the dash out and modify the middle of the top of the dash to hold a flushmount speaker with grill, mount the speaker with some good stuff so it wont vibrate. Other way you could do it would require you to pull the window out and modify it that way. Easiest would be your window...I'm gonna have the dash out of the car because I have alot of moding to do.
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            oh yeah now that i think about it... why was i going for 2 speakers for the front? i mean i got single speakers on all the other sides .... well i think i want the 4" mbquart components.. just a single midbass and a single tweeter... i think this wil be fine.. how does people like these speakers.. what brand overall would yall recomend... mbquart.. image dynamics.. or infinity kappa perfect.. and im looking fro sound quality


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              Hey, Forget fabricating and fitting speakers in small holes. Get a nice infinity mid/high speaker and place it behind the paneling. Turn the gain up a little on the center cannel and call it a day.

              Thats how i have my 5.1 DD/DTS.
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                you have it behind the paneling and it sounds good? dont it sound muffled or something? hey antimatter... if money aint a problem... who would you recommend for SQ... Imaged dynamics, infinity kappa, or mb quart... or someone else thanks for the help you guys have been giving