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Laptop Internal Connector Cable??

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  • Laptop Internal Connector Cable??

    Newbie Here trying to figure out if this is possible. I took apart an old GW Solo 9500 laptop to put into dash. It would fit perfect if I could move a couple things around but the connectors snap into each other making total size larger than desired. Does anyone know if I could buy an extension cable to connect these fittings and where I could get one?

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    I am on a quest for one of these as well, but I have had no is another thread talking about it. The only idea that I have had so far is to buy two of these adapters

    and removed the connector from one, and replace it with the connector that is on the drive, then connect them with standard ide cables.

    The problem is that the contacts on the connector are .8mm apart, I dont think my poor soldering skills would be able to attach those, even if I could successfully desolder the old connector.

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